Death Doula Support

It is never too early to plan for your own dying process.  I can help you work through some of the logistics and provide emotional support as you plan for yourself, or are helping your loved one who may be facing this passage we all will take at some point in our life.

If you are facing a terminal illness, I am here to listen and help you prepare.  The end of life is different for everyone.  I can help you plan what kind of vigil you would like to have.  Through discussion, guided imagery and/or meditation, we will come up with the details that can create a more peaceful passing for you and your loved ones.  Examples of this is - what kind of music you would like playing (ie. creating a playlist), or no music and just silence, how you would like to be treated as you are actively passing.  There are so many ways in which to prepare your passing, before and after.  I am a trained, safe person to help you create your "death plan", which looks much like a "birth plan" for new mothers entering into labor. 

Through active listening and open questioning, we can address and create a plan that is right for you.