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Fun Creative Visualization Group

*This is a two month commitment with every other week groups.  Please be committed to attending all 4 groups to help maintain the container we are co-creating.

(Groups are currently full, accepting for waitlist) 

There will be new groups starting in February 2023.

This is an exciting fun group where you get to explore what you really want in life, and meditate/feel that desire along with others who are creating the vision with you through meditation.  Is it a healthy, loving relationship, a new home, more friends, travel?  Instead of processing why you don't have what you want in life, this group is aimed at creating a space to feel into what it is like to have what you really want in life and the positive feelings that vision elicits.  As a group, we will visualize your desire with you and co-create a creative space of  experiencing the positive feelings and energy that creative visualization can bring, especially in a group setting.  Each person will take a turn and what I have experienced from these magical groups is that it creates elation and opens your mind to recognizing possibilities rather than limitations.


This is a very structured, 1 hour group (please allow 1 hour and 15 minutes in your schedule), and is a two month, every other week commitment.  


People who participate in these groups have seen positive changes in their lives and have a great time during group.

Group is both in person and online.  I found that it doesn't matter whether you are online or in person, you can still benefit from the meditation and energy that is created when more than 2 people come together in meditation and visualization. 

Groups are limited to 5 people and are conducted

Monday mornings and Tuesday evenings. 

2 months/4 groups is $180

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