Intuitive Heart-Centered Effective Positive Psychotherapy

I offer EMDR, Mindful CBT, Body-Centered, Transpersonal,

Solution Focused Brief Therapy for individual and couples

that is rooted in principals of Positive Psychology.

Positive psychology is a form of therapy that identifies

and builds upon your strengths and vision for your future rather

than concentrating unnecessarily on your past and past trauma. 

My work is greatly influenced by Martin Seligman.  I have been in private

practice for over 15 years.

Areas Of Work I Provide


Strengthening Your Relationship With Your Own Creativity

Strengthening Your Relationship With Your Own Intuition

Creating Healthier Habits You Enjoy

Creating A Sustainable Spiritual Practice, One You Enjoy

Strengthening A Healthy Relationship With Your Body, Your Mind, And With Others

Strengthening your sense of Gratitude

Healing from Divorce/Dissolution of Relationship and Stepping into Thriving


When necessary, I offer EMDR for clients as well as Emotional Focused Therapy for Couples.  My passion is to help you feel more empowered in your own innate wisdom.  I believe that you know what is best for you and your life.  I am here to help you find your empowered state of being to create the life you want to live.

My work has attracted people who are wanting to move towards a more authentic and fulfilling experience in life.  I provide the reflection and goal setting needed to stay focused and dedicated to your intentions.

If you are interested in this kind of therapy, please reach out.  If I am full, I will try to help you find a reputable therapist.



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