My practice is currently closed and will reopen to appointments on August 23rd, 2021


Effective Compassionate Psychotherapy

I am a present, skilled, compassionate therapist offering

psychotherapy in Portland, Oregon. 

Personally, I've experienced and have seen clients heal from

psychotherapy, breaking free from different kinds of

negative patterns and painful cycles, and creating more

meaningful, present connections.


I specialize in Mindful Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, In-depth Psycho-spiritual Therapy and I am trained in EMDR and CPT for trauma and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for Couples. 


Therapy is a way to help you experience relief from suffering:  fear, anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, isolation, addiction, obsessive thoughts... 

To heal in that way, it is important that you feel cared for from a non-judgmental professional.

Therapy can also help you live a life that is truer to yourself.  Being more authentic with who you are is a transforming power that can create a sense of freedom and peace, even when there is difficulty and pain.

If you are interested in creating this type of change, I would love to speak to you, if I am full, I can be a resource for other practitioners in town who are skillful, non-judgmental and have a mindful practice.

1235 SE Division Street #205  Portland, Oregon 97202