"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.  Who looks outside, dreams;

who looks inside, awakens."  Carl Jung


Imagine sitting in a comforting, confidential environment with someone who truly cares for your well being.   


You feel it in your gut when you're with someone who genuinely cares for you.  That feeling is crucial for you to explore and heal what Carl Jung calls the Shadow. 


"Everyone carries a Shadow and the less it is embodied in the individual's conscious life, the blacker and denser it is." - C. G. Jung   


Relief begins immediately with this feeling/knowing of being respected and cared for.  Transformation of that “blacker denser” side can begin.


"To confront a person with their own Shadow is to show them their own light." 


When we are depressed, stuck, anxious, angry, fearful, embarrassed, guilt-ridden, etc. - we are presented with an opportunity to be in touch with the Shadow part of ourselves.  If we feel isolated, hopeless and alone in our suffering, it is hard to reach out to others.


I am in this profession to provide understanding and support

because I genuinely care for people and love what I do.  I can help provide the space and skills to explore the Shadow with Compassion and Caring rather than harsh judgment and self-criticism.  I know what it means to feel supported exploring the Shadow , as well as feeling understood as I explored my own Shadow. 


The Shadow (negative feelings, darkness, depression, anger, suffering) we all have within deserves acknowledgment and care.  Meaning, instead of berating ourselves or shutting down through addiction and behavior which does not serve our well-being, we can learn and experience another way.


We can start to give a little room in our mind and heart to create acknowledgment and caring for the suffering we've endured.  We can become more aware that we are doing the best we can, and explore and care for that (presently) unknown part of ourselves that is acting in ways that no longer serves our life.  We can heal and connect with others

whole-heartedly, with security and strength. 


We can connect with ourselves in the same way we connect with our own best friend.   


Finally, from my experience in working in hospice home care, I have found that creating sustainable inner peace (although not easy) is one of the most worthwhile explorations in life.  There is no greater time than the present to learn how to cultivate a deep sense of peace, and, it is an honor to assist in that process.