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"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.  Who looks outside, dreams;

who looks inside, awakens."  Carl Jung


My approach has become more spiritual and goal

orientated over the last 16 years that I have seen clients. 

I feel it is important at times to go into the past to

understand and have compassion for yourself, and I also

find it beneficial to focus on what you truly want your

experience to be in life, in the present and future. 

My technique is to find a healthy balance in the

therapeutic process between these two objectives. 

If you have a spiritual practice or lens from which you see the world, I am here to help you incorporate that larger personal perspective with your current challenges and hardship. This can offer some relief and a depth of meaning as well as a larger container making it less stressful and easier to move move through to a more desirable state of being. 


So often we are disconnected with what we truly want in life.  We try to fill our days with unfulfilling activities, symbolic or actual "food" that is not nourishing us but comforting in its familiarity.  There are all kinds of ways we can lose touch with ourselves and disconnect from the life we want to lead.  

I am interested in what it takes for you to create a deeper connection with yourself, and sometimes that means working from the outside in.  (ie. making goals, changing habits, small experiments)  Other times, that entails working from the inside out, which is what I find most therapeutic modalities tend to encompass.  Again, I work hard to find the most therapeutic balance between these two ways of healing.   

When you meet with me, I want to know what reality you want to create in your life.  So often we don't even know what kind of life we want to be living, we are so deeply influenced by everything around us or steeped too deeply in the past, it is hard to know what experience we want in our present day to day living. 

I am here to help you wherever you are on your path to wellness.

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