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These testimonials were graciously given by past clients.  It is an incredible honor to be a part of my client's healing process.  We all affect each other, and as you become healthier, so do those around you.


"Kellyjoy is extremely perceptive and provides her clients with tools to help themselves move forward past traumatic (and/or toxic) life events. In therapy, she is keenly observant, articulate, and seems to know the best questions to ask when I've discussed complex or difficult situations requiring closure . Her schedule fills up fast, which is essentially the only criticism I can think of."




"Kellyjoy is such a talented and sensitive therapist. I immediately felt very safe. She listened with insight and compassion, and helped me to understand what I needed, and how to integrate this knowledge. Her type of guidance came at the precise time that I needed it, and was capable of receiving those insights. Kellyjoy is one of those people who is on this earth to do exactly what she is doing, with understanding and the ability to tap into our unique spirit, with delicacy and respect."




"Therapy with Kellyjoy has changed my life.  During my sessions with her I was able to truly face my addiction problems.  She helped me get to a place where I wanted to help myself, and then supported me through that process. She taught me different methods to help myself, and helped me build a life for myself where therapeutic processes were built in.  My life was a train wreck and I was unhappy, and now I feel like I'm on a beautiful path of self realization.  I am so thankful for the process I went through with her, my life took a 180 degree change for the positive because of her help."




"I'd lost my job in February of 2009, and by the time I started working with Kellyjoy in September, anxiety was so out of control, it was manifesting itself physically throughout my body. I was absolutely convinced these physicalizations were the first signs of some sort of degenerative disease. Instead of sending me to a neurologist, however, my doctor prescribed an antidepressant and recommended therapy.



Aware of my unemployed status, Kellyjoy offered to work with me at a discounted rate. I would come to find out that her generosity was only the beginning of her compassion. In those first few months, we did a lot of work with my physical anxieties. Often, she guided me through meditative visualizations in order to "map", as she called it, those parts of my body in which I had buried my emotions. It took a lot of work, but with her support, I was soon able to wean myself off of the antidepressant and get to a place where I could experience the "full and beautiful gradient of my emotions".


Next month, I leave to teach in Korea for a year. I'm certain I never would have had the courage to make such a move without Kellyjoy's kind and ongoing support. She has empowered me to live a mindful and present life, and I thank her deeply for it."

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